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    Flower (#478) · b75e75f7
    K.Filippopolitis authored
     Implementation of Flower Integration with exareme2:
      New Controller for Flower Execution:
        Introduced a controller with dedicated modules designed for managing the Flower workflow and algorithm execution.
      Added Flower-Compatible Algorithms:
        Logistic Regression with MIP Data: This algorithm integrates with Flower, utilizing MIP data and allowing parameter customization based on the flow's input data.
        Logistic Regression with MNIST Data: This version is tailored for Flower but specifically uses MNIST data for operations.
      Robust Process Management Module:
        Implemented a new module to enhance process control, including:
            Functions to send signals and check process status.
            Management of zombie processes.
            Process termination with retry capabilities.
        The controller utilizes this module to initiate, monitor, and terminate Flower execution processes safely, ensuring improved oversight of Flower's client and server components.
    Lower the ...